Dramatic Crash Landing Caught on Camera in Brazil

Category: Media & Culture / Nov 14, 2012 1:01PM EDT
The dramatic crash landing of a small plane was caught on camera on Sunday (November 11) as it came down beside one of Sao Paulo's busiest highways. Local media reported that the plane, which was flying into Brazil's business capital from the city of Florianopolis, crash landed after the pilot lost control, causing the aircraft to overshoot the runway. The images, captured by the security camera of a nearby private company, show the moment the plane made impact and come to stop beside a busy highway. Miraculously there were no fatalities and all three people in the plane escaped unhurt. A local resident, who was in the vicinity when the accident occurred, said it could have been much worst. "Had it been a bigger plane, it would have crossed the highway, I believe. It was a small plane so it stopped by the sidewalk, but it's scary, for sure," she said. Two people could be seen leaving the aircraft seconds after it came to a stop, only to comeback shortly afterwards to rescue the third person. Firefighters arrived promptly at the scene, and there were no reports of the incident causing any disruptions to other inbound or outbound flights.