Driver Killed, Child Kidnapped In Alabama Bus Shooting

Category: Society / Jan 30, 2013 9:14AM EDT
As school children boarded their afternoon bus ride to go home on Tuesday, they were not aware of the horror that was about to unfold: A gunman got on the bus before he fatally shot the driver. He then grabbed a young child. Sergeant Rachel David commented on the incident: "Authorities say the call was received regarding a shooting involving a Dale County school bus at 3:36pm (CST) today. At this time limited details are being released however the sheriff's department has confirmed 1 adult male was shot and the suspect is not in custody," The abducted is child is reportedly 5-6 years old and it is not certain if the child is with the gunman. It is also reported that the gunman fled to a bunker near his home hours after the shooting. The man barricaded himself in his bunker and media reports state that authorities are in fact negotiating with the suspect. The suspect demanded the driver let a student off the bus. When the driver refused he was shot and killed. The suspect then took the young boy and fled the scene. The identity of the driver is yet to be released but he is believed to be in his mid-60s and died of multiple gunshot wounds. Video Source: Reuters