Driver Steers To Safety Despite Lamppost Smashing Through Windshield

Category: Society / Mar 27, 2013 9:43AM EDT
A heroic bus driver from Jiangshan, east China's Zhejiang Province, safely stopped a vehicle carrying 26 passengers after a collapsed lamppost smashed through the windshield and ruptured his spleen. The accident occurred at 17:01 Monday after a lamppost that had toppled during a two-vehicle crash on a local highway smashed into the bus driving on the lane adjacent, knocking the driver, Mao Zhihao, to the floor. Mao was injured in the accident, but immediately rose to his feet and steered the bus to the roadside before evacuating passengers and reporting the accident to police. Mao managed to recall how he tried to stop the bus. "I was pinned down by the lamppost and put the bus into gear instinctively. I had no idea which gear it was exactly, I just wanted to slow the bus down. I couldn't see the road, and tried to drive it to one side of the road. The bus hit the guardrails and finally stopped," Mao said, recalling how he managed to stop the bus. Mao is currently undergoing treatment for a ruptured spleen at a local hospital. Video Source: CCTV