Duecy The Double Faced Kitten Dies At 2 Days Old

Category: Media & Culture / Jun 14, 2013 2:29PM EDT

Duecy was born in Oregon on Tuesday; the kitten’s owners did a double take before they realized their kitten was born with two heads. Rejected by its mother Duecy was dependent on the family for milk and warmth to stay healthy.

But on Thursday the rare kitten who took the world by storm died in its sleep. Like other two headed animals Duecy battled against the odds, as the double head is a deformity and the animal normally suffers from life threatening complications as a result.

Duecy the little kitty that lived for two days went viral around the world. Her story will live as we continue to be amazed by all that is weird and wonderful in the world of Mother Nature.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters