Dunking Disaster As Harlem Globetrotter Smashes Backboard During Game

Category: Sports / Nov 12, 2013 4:12PM EDT

Harlem Globetrotter William Bullard, clung to the basketball ring in a moment of glory that quickly turned dangerous, when the glass backboard of the ring smashed. The basketball game was part of an exhibition in Honduras on Thursday and the famous star did not escape the fall without injury.

Clinging to the rim the famed player known as the “Bull” dunked the ball, causing the hop to topple over and crash to the ground causing the entire glass backboard to smash. He fell under the board and was injured, but not seriously.

Bullard received a gash above his left eye, and has a dislocated shoulder from the fall. He was treated by medical personal on the scene. Harlem Globetrotter officials say he is recovering well and will be ready to play when they kick off their global tour in December

Video Courtesy Of Reuters