Dutch Coast Guard Comb Sea After Ship Collision

Category: World / Dec 06, 2012 11:55AM EDT
Dutch rescuers found on Thursday (December 6), the body of one more victim of the North Sea ship collision, bringing the death toll to five. Dutch coastguard said 13 people from the 24 crew were rescued on Wednesday night but snow and three-meter-high waves were adding to difficulties of finding the remaining crew. Eleven of the Baltic Ace's crew managed to scramble into four life rafts before the ship went down and were brought to safety by helicopters, coming from both rescue units in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Six persons were still missing, coastguard spokesman Peter Westenberg said. "Still missing are six persons, we just picked up one person from the water, and he didn't live anymore. He will be brought to shore right now and that's why we continue to search with the helicopter, an aircraft, two life vessels and also some coastguard vessels are on the scene right now, investigating the ship that is under water, that has sunk, and also telling the other vessels in the vicinity that there is a wreckage in the water, because the water is not very deep, so we do not want another collision right now," Westenberg said. The Dutch coastguard said freezing cold and gale force winds meant there was only a slim chance of finding the Baltic Ace's missing crew. The sailors on the Baltic Ace were from Ukraine, Bulgaria, the Philippines and Poland. The nationalities of the dead and missing were unknown. It is still unclear as to what caused the collision.