Edible Fashion Featured at China's World Chocolate Dream Park

Category: Fashion / Dec 15, 2011 11:22AM EDT

Models clad in fancy chocolate accessories ranging from hats and shoulder ornaments performed catwalks. Other designers, however, went for the full monty. Apart from brown stockings and high-heeled shoes, a model appeared to be wearing nothing but thin chocolate slices. Chocolate is not particularly fabric-friendly, but some designers found a way around it. Chocolate can be crispy and it's not very malleable nor can you easily shape it. This time the craftsmen had added some special ingredients so it could be easily shaped. It was more practical for us. So you can see that it's soft and sticks to the fabric. It's versatile. There's chocolate on the ornament, hat and the dress, said fashion designer Lin Guodong. The extravagant, edible clothes may look clumsy at times, but a model said they felt the same as normal clothes. The clothes made with chocolate are actually the same as normal clothes. The weather is cold, so the chocolate does not melt. Besides it has been specially treated. It's beautiful, said 24-year-old model Zhang Yiting. The Shanghai World Chocolate Dream Park will feature cocoa terracotta and Chinese landmarks and is open until February 19.