Edible Murder Scene Promotes Horror Movie 'The Helpers'

Category: Media & Culture / Jan 22, 2013 2:58PM EDT
As many PR companies know, promoting a new movie these days can be absolute murder. But at an event to showcase the DVD release of horror movie 'The Helpers' on Friday (January 18), organizers hit upon a unique and grisly way to catch people's attention. In a fashionable district of London's East End, a pop-up installation opened to the public for one night only featuring all manner of gruesome delights. Attendees were offered such macabre offerings as 'Laceration cupcakes', washed down with a 'vomit cocktail'. But highlight was a realistic decapitated female head - made from orange drizzle cake with marzipan skin and berry fruit 'blood'. The event was the brainchild of Emma Thomas, who goes by the moniker 'Miss Cakehead'. Thomas said that the public interaction with the event was key to its success. "I think that a horror film made this really fun and meant it could be really gory and we could do really extreme cakes. But actually, I think it would work for anything. So my first project was actually an edible art exhibition. I think if you invite the public to come and eat all of everything it's always going to work. It just attracts different crowds - it's just this time they're drinking vomit cocktails and eating body parts," Thomas told Reuters TV. To add to the nightmarish effect, Thomas convinced one unlucky woman to allow herself to be chained up in the basement - where she could be gazed down upon from upstairs. 'The Helpers' was released on DVD in the UK on Monday (January 21).