Epic Winter Storm Slams The U.S Great Plains

Category: Society / Feb 21, 2013 3:57PM EDT
At least one person has died as a result of the massive winter storm that pounded the U.S Great Palms on Thursday. As a result Massive traffic disruptions, schools closing and power outages occurred in certain areas. Snow blanketed most of the nation’s midsection in addition to sleet and freezing rain. Kansas felt the brunt of the storm with parts of the state buried under 14 inches of snow. The bad weather has caused a major threat to those travelling on the icy and slushy roads. The National Weather Service has issued storm warnings as more snow and possible ice storms are expected. Travel was also another area affected by the storm: More than 90% of flights out of Kansas City International Airport were cancelled: "When I first walked in, I saw the line here and said, 'this cannot be good,' so I go to the board. People here are great. Asked a lady to help me out with what was going on, and she was really honest. Everything pretty much is canceled for the next four hours - and depending on weather," Weather agencies are predicting that by the time the storm passes 24 states would have been affected. Video Courtesy Of Reuters