Expect Stars To Hit The Oscar's Red Carpet In Red And White In 2013

Category: Media & Culture / Feb 21, 2013 10:52AM EDT
It's undeniably fashion's biggest night - the Oscar red carpet - and this year, expect stars to strut down the world's most watched runway in reds and whites according to style expert and TV host Sam Saboura. Black has been the overall color of choice this awards season - especially at the Golden Globes, where the likes of Nicole Kidman, Adele, and Helen Mirren all chose black gowns. "I think we've seen a lot of black. I'm hoping that transcends into color," said Saboura. "Color was important for spring and for fall, red was certainly a humongous trend on the red carpet, this bright, poppy-colored red, like the flower, was a big, big trend at the Golden Globes and I think that's going to carry over. Also it's time for white. White starts to rear its head at the Oscars. It's a very clean, a very beautiful color. Very few can wear it well." Anne Hathaway chose a snow white Chanel gown at the Golden Globes, then switched to traditional black at the SAGs. Saboura said all eyes will be on her Oscar choice. "I think the dress will be sophisticated and chic, but it will be a knockout. She's nominated. She's fashion's darling, and I think she's going to look absolutely incredible." Samoura said he predicts the night's other young fashion icon - Jennifer Lawrence - will walk in Christian Dior, as the fashion house has been courting the actress. Another star to watch out for is Jessica Chastain. Saboura said he was disappointed in her Calvin Klein gown that she picked for the Globes, and thought she played it a little too safe with her red, SAG dress. "She hasn't really found her footing yet. She's had great moments, and then she's had some tumbles and stumbles. I am hoping that she goes back to her roots, maybe wear something by Alexander McQueen, that is going to show her personality, but also elevate her to the level of actress that she is." Stars will hit the red carpet just before the Oscars ceremony on Sunday (February 24). Video Source: Reuters