Eyewitness Describes “Horrible” Helicopter Crash

Category: Society / Jan 16, 2013 11:29AM EDT
A helicopter crashed into a crane on top of one of Europe’s tallest residential blocks on Wednesday (January 16), killing two people as it burst into flames and threw plumes of smoke into the foggy air above central London. Tangled bits of crane were hanging off the side of the tower and there were wreckage and debris strewn across nearby roads. Luiz Benetti, the manager of a marble factory located on the other side of the building, knew something bad had happened when he heard people screaming. "People started screaming, I said 'Jesus, what's going on?' And then I just jumped on the... there is a pavement high up, on a higher level, to try and see anything, and I saw this smoke, big black smoke going up the sky and I realized it was on the other side of our marble factory. So I ran down to the street and I saw the helicopter, it was on top of the... not on the floor, but actually it hit the car beside it, and there was people running, there is a motorbike on the side with a guy fallen on the floor, a bicycle there, it was just horrible scene," There were 11 casualties including two dead and one critically injured.