Facebook is Feeling the Heat

Category: Offbeat / Jul 06, 2011 6:15PM EDT
Like O M G, F Y I , I’m R O F L, because F B is like seriously freaking out. Was it not the Buddha himself who once said, “Everything changes and nothing remains the same?” It seems the winds of change are certainly blowing these days, and unfortunately the whiff now coming from the temple of Facebook is starting to resemble desperation. Asked to comment, during a recent interview, on the potential threat Google’s new social networking site posed to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg simply responded by dodging the question and saying quote, “Our job is to stay focused.” Little did we know at the time that what he really meant was that their job was to stay focused on what Google was doing so they could copy it. I have to admit that I personally saw that coming from a mile away, but the fact that they really did it and that today’s announcement regarding the inclusion of a Skype powered video chat function was preceded by a media blitz promising something “awesome” just makes me shake my head not so much in disgust, but really in sympathy because the kazillionaires over at Facebook are obviously feeling the heat and that can’t be pleasant. At this point, you would think it could not get any worse or at least look any more pathetic, but you would be wrong my friend, because it sure does. Word has gotten out that Facebook actually changed its Open Authorization APL in such an underhanded way, it is now impossible for users to export their friends’ email addresses to another service. Wow. There really is only one word for that and I’m not going to say it again.