Fashionable Folk Flock To Fashion Week Despite Snow And Ice

Category: Fashion / Feb 11, 2013 10:16AM EDT
Not even snow and ice from blizzard Nemo could stop the fashions arriving at Mercedes Benz fashion week over the weekend in New York City. The blizzard dumped down on the city 40 inches of snow with hurricane force winds. For many it seems the choice was simple to choose fashion over comfort: "I think that honestly, when it comes to fashion you can't really think about the weather. You're going to be inside. And it's most important to look good when you're inside. So, I don't know. Just, kind of, suck it up and do it." "I think the first thing is always to keep warm. And then the other thing is just to think about what will make you stand out and make you pop." Fashion it seems does not stop even in the grimmest of weather conditions. And at New York Fashion Week the show must always go on.