Fat and Abusive Traffic Police Removed From Vietnam’s Streets

Category: World / Mar 08, 2013 2:09PM EDT
In an effort to clean up their image traffic policemen in Vietnam will look a little different: If you’re fat, short or abusive you will be barred from working the streets. Big bellied officers will work from a desk instead of guiding traffic. Poor attitude is also looked down upon and those offending will also be removed from the public eye. The move comes in the face of public complaints about traffic police in Vietnam’s capitol Hanoi. In a city of over 7 million people chaos often erupts on the roads and in the streets, tempers flaring is a common side effect. But Vietnam is not the only place to crack down on overweight officers with action taking place in Thailand, Pakistan, Britain, Indonesia and the Philippines. It seems the new mantra for enforcing the law is get fit or stay behind a desk. Video Courtesy Of Reuters