Fatal Floods Kill At Least 8 People In Colorado And Destroy 1,600 Homes

Category: Media & Culture / Sep 17, 2013 10:02AM EDT

A week of torrential rain has caused much grief and fear across Colorado, as 8 people have been confirmed dead and over 1,600 homes have been destroyed. Search and Rescue teams continued their efforts on Monday, as the weather thankfully turned to reveal much needed sunlight and warmth.

Roads had been washed out, bridges collapsed, and communication lines damaged in the flood zone which caused the evacuation of 12,000 people. The clearer skies on Monday allowed a more effective search and rescue operation as helicopters were used to find stranded victims.

The latest update is the death toll which has climbed to 8, up 5 from the weekend. Nearly 600 people remain unaccounted for, many of which are believed to be stranded in remote areas, left without any way to communicate or call for help.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters