Fire And Fear As Twin Barges Explode In Alabama

Category: Media & Culture / Apr 25, 2013 8:41AM EDT
The scene was one of fear as two barges exploded in the Mobile River, Alabama. The two barges exploded and as a result three people were injured. The fire raged out of control through to Thursday morning. Rescue efforts were pursued by The Fire and Rescue Department. Witnesses recalled the moment of the explosion: "First we heard the explosion and then all the doors down there shook like they were fixing to come off and everything. And then another explosion took place and I mean it was just pandemonium -- people running in and out of the buildings and everything else. And then a few minutes later there was another explosion. I just hope nobody got hurt." "I slowed down to see what it was and when it exploded my whole wrecker shook. I got a big truck wrecker and the whole thing shook and rocked and it was pretty intense." The explosions were reported at 8:40pm Wednesday night, with the second explosion happening 30 minutes after. The three injured were taken to hospital as people in the area were evacuated for safety precautions. Video Courtesy Of Reuters