Flags Burn And Tempers Flare: Thousands Protest Demanding 'Justice For Treyvon'

Category: Media & Culture / Jul 15, 2013 8:49AM EDT

After two days and just over 16 hours a jury decided that George Zimmerman was to be acquitted of shooting and killing unarmed teenager Treyvon Martin as he acted in self-defense. As a result on Sunday thousands of angry protestors in major cities around the country gathered and protested demanding justice for Treyvon.

The case has stopped and divided a nation for the past 16 months but now the verdict has sent shock waves around the country: While most of the protests were peaceful, New York City and Los Angeles were at times disorderly.

Seven people were arrested in Times Square and a busy freeway in Los Angeles was shut down. American flags were burned in Oklahoma, and rubber bullets were fired into the intense crowds of Los Angeles.

Sunday was the second day of nationwide protests as President Barack Obama has called for a peaceful response to the not guilty verdict.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters