Flooding In South Africa And Mozambique Kill At Least 20 People

Category: World / Jan 24, 2013 2:39PM EDT
Video released on Thursday (January 24) by Mozambique Television showed vast areas of Mozambique covered with water, roads cut off and people blocked by overflowing rivers. The floods in Mozambique and northern parts of South Africa over the past week have killed at least 20 people and driven nearly 15,000 from their homes. Mozambique's emergency management commission issued a nationwide alert this week as it prepared for further flooding in central and southern regions and the possible evacuation of tens of thousands. Heavy rain has hit the capital Maputo hard, submerging cars and swamping streets in the city's low-lying financial district. At least 12 people have been killed nationwide in the floods. In neighboring South Africa, the Limpopo River overflowed its banks, inundating streets and destroying homes in the northern city of Musina. At least eight people have been killed and the number was expected to rise, according to officials. Electricity supplies to South Africa are also said to have been severely disrupted by the flooding.