Footage Released Of Italian Mob Boss Arrest

Category: Media & Culture / Jan 04, 2013 2:45PM EDT
Italian police on Friday (January 4, 2012) released video of an overnight anti-mafia operation near Naples during which a young mafia boss and his two suspected accomplices were arrested. The police said they had arrested the 28-year-old Antonio Mennetta, considered to be the boss of the "Girati" - a group of the Neapolitan Camorra mafia - during the large-scale operation. Mennetta had been on the run for about a year and was captured in a small house near Scafati in the province of Salerno around 3am local time (0200gmt), Italian media reported. According to the police, Mennetta's group is involved in the drug trade and had sought to expand its business dealings in the region. Mennetta, considered to be a prominent figure in the Camorra, has been wanted since September for murder and organized crime, Italy's official Ansa news agency reported. - Reuters