Four Climbers Killed In An Avalanche, Scottish Highlands

Category: Society / Jan 21, 2013 11:16AM EDT
Four climbers were killed in an avalanche in the Scottish Highlands on Saturday (January 19), in by far the worst incident linked to a blast of cold weather that has hit Britain. The victims, two men and two women, were in a party of six out climbing in the Glencoe area, renowned for its beautiful landscapes. Scotland is home to Britain's highest mountains and is a popular destination for hikers and climbers. Deputy leader of the Glencoe mountain rescue team Andy Nelson described the scene when he was called to assist the climbers: "So we're faced with obvious avalanche debris in a fairly confined area - maybe 100 meters by 40-50 meters, evidence of equipment lying around from climbers. The job then is to start digging around and trying to get them out of the snow."The force that polices the Highlands, said one woman from the same party was in hospital in a very serious condition. The sixth climber, who raised the alarm after the avalanche struck, was safe and well and being cared for by emergency services. Although Britain has a large and enthusiastic community of hill walkers and mountaineers, it does not have any major mountain chains. Accidents on the scale of the Glencoe incident are rare.