Four Men Arrested In Killing US Agent James Watson

Category: World / Jun 25, 2013 4:00PM EDT

Columbian authorities have arrested four suspects in the killing of a US DEA Agent Watson: Watson was a 13 year veteran of the DEA who was killed after two men entered his taxi after he was leaving a restaurant; a robbery was then ensued before Watson was stabbed and later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Bloodied trousers that allegedly belong to the taxi driver have been seized as evidence, and the four suspects have been captured by the Columbian police. The United States has sought the extradition of those involved in the killing, as more arrests are expected to be made.

The Police have also attained surveillance footage that show the crime happening. They believe that the criminals captured are a part of a gang dedicated to “millionaire rides”, preying on people with the purpose of robbing them.

Poverty and crime in Columbia remains at a high level, as is gang activity. Watson was assigned temporary duty in Bogota at the time of his murder. He is remembered as a hero for serving in Afghanistan and the U.S Army

Video Courtesy Of Reuters