Four Million Xbox Ones, ‘Watch Dogs’ Gets Canceled On WiiU?

Category: Technology / Jan 24, 2014 5:00PM EDT

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Here’s the big one: Microsoft released its fourth quarter earnings and sales figures. Lo and behold, they’ve sold 3.9 million Xbox Ones, due in no small part to the Christmas season.

Sony hasn’t released new data on the number of Playstation 4s they’ve sold, but the company has been hindered by unit shortages ever since the console debuted in November. Still, earlier this month, Sony claims to have sold 4.2 million PS4s, so they’re probably still ahead of Microsoft.

The WiiU is still technically the sales leader, but it has been available for a year longer than its competitors. Still, the figures have gotten close: the past three months have seen Nintendo’s home console sell far worse than the company expected.

Possibly making matters worse, rumor has it that Ubisoft is canceling the WiiU version of “Watch Dogs,” a triple-A action-shooter. GameStop, the gaming retail giant, has stopped taking pre-orders for the game, seemingly expecting that the title will never be released.

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