Four Rare Baby White Tiger Cubs Show Off In Their First Public Appearance

Category: Media & Culture / May 02, 2013 10:39AM EDT
Four baby white tigers stole the show at The Tobu Zoo north of Tokyo on Thursday at just six weeks old. The cuddly little tigers are only 5 kilos each and 30-40 centimeters long, but they seem to have boundless energy and are already showing their personalities. The cubs are especially special as there are fewer than 200 of the species left in the wild. There are 20 white tigers held in captivity in Japan. The tiny cubs are still feeding from their mother’s milk but have started to become curious about the meat their mother is eating. The Japan zoo is expecting up to 30,000 visitors daily over the long weekend, most of whom will be able to grab a glimpse of latest baby cubs who will no doubt be the stars of the zoo. Video Courtesy Of Reuters