Freezing Temperatures Persist Into Spring In Berlin

Category: Society / Mar 25, 2013 12:31PM EDT
Five days after the official start of spring, much of Berlin was covered under a layer of snow and ice on Monday (March 25), with temperatures at around minus 2 degrees Celsius. After a weekend full of sunshine, residents of the German capital remained blessed with more sunny weather at the start of the new week. A few lucky ones spent time skiing or snowboarding in a huge public recreation area. What used to be Berlin's Tempelhof airport until its closure in 2008 has been turned into "Tempelhofer field." Where planes used to take off and land, hundreds of people are seen jogging, barbecuing or just lying in the sun during the summer months. According to meteorologists, the cold spell will continue over the next few days, with new snow predicted for Berlin on Wednesday evening. Video Source: Reuters