French Hostage In Mali Pleads For Help In New Video

Category: World / Nov 26, 2012 1:51PM EDT
A French citizen taken hostage by Islamist rebels last week in southwest Mali said he blamed France's foreign policy for his abduction. In a video shown on Monday the man urges Paris to respond to his captors' demands. The 61 yr old hostage was kidnapped on Nov. 20 after crossing into Mali by car from Mauritania, making him the seventh French national in the hands of Islamist groups in the Sahara desert. The video, published by a Mauritanian news website, showed a disheveled, unshaven man with white hair flanked by two men carrying rifles, wearing beige uniforms. The man says the date is 'The 25th of November 2012', but that could not be confirmed. It was not clear what the rebel’s demands were, but Islamist groups in the Sahara have routinely demanded ransoms of millions of dollars to release hostages.