French Toy Auction Takes Bidders To A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Category: Media & Culture / Feb 18, 2013 9:56AM EDT
Toy collectors were taken to a galaxy far, far away on Monday for what some are calling France’s first ever toy auction. Over 80 pieces of memorabilia, vintage toys, and posters lined the walls of a famous French auction house for the auction called ‘1960-1980 - Toy Generation'. Organizers say the era was a special one for collectable toys because it was before the commercial push of merchandising. Each item is authentic and rare. Bidders will need to use the force to cash in one of these prizes. The list of prices goes all the way up to 18,000 pounds! Some of the items up for auction include rare boxed Kenner figurines, a prize for any global collector, a fiber glass fragment of a Star Wars dragon monster, found in Tunisia near the site of the original filming, and a slew of modern artwork pieces featuring classic sci-fi characters, like Darth Vadar. Video Source: Reuters