Frozen Prince? Harry Spends The Night In A Giant Freezer

Category: Media & Culture / Sep 17, 2013 8:40AM EDT

In preparation for an adventure to the South Pole for a charity trek, Britain’s Prince Harry did something many wouldn’t even dream of doing, as he spent the night in a giant freezer.  But how cold did it get inside the freezer?

Harry battled freezing temperatures of -35 degrees Celsius and wind speeds of 45 miles for hour, but that is nothing compared to the South Pole in November with averages a temperature of -35 Fahrenheit which is -37 degrees.

The Charity is called Walking with the Wounded; it is close to the Prince’s heart as he is the patron of the organization which helps injured American and British veterans. Harry himself is a former soldier who can relate to the hardship of serving for one’s country.

Some of the soldiers on the trek have amputated limbs after serving in Afghanistan. The trek is 200 miles long and it is expected to take 15 days. His night in the freezer hopefully prepared him for what will be a hard, extremely cold, and physically demanding trek.

But this Prince was more than happy to accept a warm cup of tea and biscuits after his night in the giant freezer.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters