Gaming Achievements Revealed In New Guinness World Records Editon

Category: Technology / Jan 14, 2013 5:06PM EDT
From the largest collection of videogame memorabilia to the smallest arcade machine - Guinness World Records have revealed the latest and greatest gaming achievements in their new Guinness World Records 2013 Gamer's Edition. 31-year-old Brett Martin from Colorado, USA, is recognised for having the world's Largest Collection of Videogame Memorabilia, with 8,030 items of merchandise. Speaking about his impressive collection the web designer explained what got him started: "The first figure I received was from my parents when I was about 8, it's a little 1989 applause figure of Mario holding a mushroom, and years later when I still had it I decided to find out if there were more figures in the set and then I saw a whole lot more merchandise of Mario and decided to find out how much stuff was out there and I am still finding new stuff today." On the other end of the scale is the world's Smallest Arcade Machine - that can be held in the palm of a hand. It took 30-year-old Mark Slevinsky, a computer engineer from Alberta in Canada, 6 months to create the ultimate geek's toy. He said it might be small but it's a fully playable device: "It has all the same parts as a real full size arcade machine it's got a joystick, a display, a mother board, a power supply but a much smaller form factor there is no coin slot though." Meanwhile after becoming the Youngest Gran Turismo Academy Winner at age 19, Welshman Jann Mardenborough is also recognised. But not only is he a whizz with the game - he's great at the real thing too. Mardenborough won an initiative set up by Nissan and PlayStation to offer the best gamers a chance to drive a professional racing car and since has got his international racing licence and drives for Nissan in the Blancpain Endurance Series. He's not the only youngster on the list, 15-year-old Jacob Gaby from Hertfordshire achieved the Highest Margin of Victory on FIFA. The football-mad teenager challenged by his brother to see how many goals he could score against the computer. As well as records, Gamer's Edition 2013 has some features too including The Top 50 Videogame Villains Of All Time, as voted by over 6,000 gamers. Making the list are villain's including; The Joker from Batman; Bowser from Super Mario Bros; Zombies from Call of Duty and GLaDOS from Portal. The new edition is out now.