Geometric Shapes, Bright Colors Rule Vera Wang's Fall 2013 Collection At New York Fashion Week

Category: Entertainment / Feb 13, 2013 4:53PM EDT
Vera Wang maintained a five hue color story for her Fall 2013 collection that debuted at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York on Tuesday (February 12). The New York designer played with geometric shapes on sleeveless coats and vests. Wang described the look as "sculptural silhouettes". "Proportion, volume. You know, the construction of clothing. Not that soft, but very - with structure, like architecture," Wang told Reuters. Black stain, fox and jewels were used for several evening looks. Large sleeves, which Wang interpreted as "bishop sleeves," were used on top of jeweled tops. Variations of swing tops made from tweed, silk and jewels, provided the collection with some movement in a field of structural pieces. Wang's combination of fabrics and prints helped her create what she called "sexy and easy glamour". "Mixing of textures, mixing of weight, mixing of proportions. Short to long, I mean, it was about architecture and collages," she said. Strong tangerine and magenta were blended with stone rose for several evening looks. Models walked a runway that matched the print of the looks towards the end of the show. "Tangerine and certainly a very bright plum. And then all the mixtures of lurex that were, you know, grey white and black or purple and black. I mean, it's a mixture," she explained. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York will end on Thursday (February 12). (Video Source: Reuters)