Giant Chocolate Statue Of Iconic French Character ‘Obelix’ Goes Up For Auction

Category: Media & Culture / Mar 25, 2013 4:44PM EDT
French chocolatier Eric Lamy designed a giant chocolate 'Obelix' that went on sale Sunday at an exhibit. The statue stands one metre tall, weighing 60 kilos. Collections from the auction called "chocolate sculptures" also features other chocolate treats such as a giant pyramid of 90 éclairs and a couple of rabbits will go to a children's charity. The auctioneer told Reuters that he’s confident that the fact the benefits of the auction sale will go to a charity will encourage people to spend a lot of money on chocolate sculptures. While speaking with Reuters, Paris chocolatier Jean-Marc Rue said that despite the competition with supermarkets, chocolatiers have convinced buyers to come back to hand-made chocolate. For those who miss the sale, it will be still possible to get some copies of the sculptures as most chocolatiers will redo their sculptures in smaller sizes for Easter. (Video Source: REUTERS)