Giant Christmas Tree Sparkles in the Center of Paris With Sponge Bob and Dora the Explorer

Category: World / Dec 06, 2012 3:39PM EDT
Parisians and visitors were treated to a holiday delight on Thursday (December 6), as a giant Christmas tree was unveiled and lit up in the center of Paris. Not far from the Eiffel Tower, next to the giant wheel that is a mainstay in the Place de la Concorde, the huge tree shined and glimmered with sparkly lights and bulbs. Two of children's favorite cartoon characters, Dora the Explorer and Sponge bob, were in attendance to add to the festivities. "It's a great idea, it's really pretty and also just next to the giant wheel. It adds something more," said one visitor Jean Pierre. Marcel Campion who organises the Christmas market on the Champs Elysee is hoping the tree will become a yearly tradition. "A tree was missing here, and now we have a really pretty tree. Now it's a tradition that will continue because a big Christmas tree was missing in Paris, and now it's here," Campion said.