Giant Puppet Polar Bear Visits London As Part Of Arctic Demo

Category: Daily Promo / Sep 16, 2013 12:54PM EDT

There were a few raised eyebrows on the streets of central London on Sunday (September 15) after a 3 ton polar bear went on a rampage.

It was actually a puppet called Aurora - operated by fifteen puppeteers. But thousands of people came out to see it nonetheless.

The event was part of an international day of action against drilling in the Arctic staged by Greenpeace.

"So today we are trying to use Aurora, the world's largest polar bear, we're bringing her to the streets of London, and we're creating an arctic uproar. We're part of a global day of action in 100 cities and five continents all over the world," said Sara Ayech from Greenpeace.

The giant polar bear took one month to make and was created by London designer Christopher Kelly.

London is the first stop on Aurora's travels -- next she will go to Germany and then other locations throughout the world to help broadcast her message to Save the Arctic.

Video Credit: Reuters