Gift Guide 2013: What To Buy Your Grandparents This Christmas

Category: Media & Culture / Dec 10, 2013 8:48AM EDT

One of the biggest holidays of the year- Christmas, is just 15 days away. As you write your own list of what you would like to see under your Christmas tree it’s also time to grab your purse or wallet and head to the shops for one of the biggest shopping periods of the year.

With so many options both on line and in store its hard to know what to buy those special people in your life, and give them a gift that really shows you care. When it comes to grandparents it seems sentimental always rules, with some of the more popular items being photo albums and books.

But it is also important to be creative and give them a gift that shows them just how much they mean to you. Reporter Rebecka Schumann sat down with IBTimesTV to discuss some of her favorite gift ideas for the matriarch in any family.