Gingerbread White House: Chef’s Make 300 Pound Replica Of Obama’s Home

Category: Media & Culture / Dec 10, 2013 3:53PM EDT

The White House released a very special video on Monday, and in this video people from all over the world can see how the gingerbread replica of The White House where President Obama and his family live, is made. But this is unlike any sort of sweet replica you have seen before- this house weighs a whopping 300 pounds.

The construction is revealed in a time lapse video, led by The White House pastry chef Bill Yoses and his team. The tasty house, that looks just like the famous White House is now on display in the State Dining Room.

The impressive replica was made from over 1200 cookies. This year for the first time the newest addition to the Obama family their second dog Sunny will make its tasty debut. Last year the family’s first dog, Bo was made from dark chocolate.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters