Girl With Lip Stuck In Music Box Sings A Different Tune After Rescue

Category: Media & Culture / Aug 30, 2013 1:24PM EDT

Firefighters in east China's Jiangsu Province saved a 7-year-old girl on Thursday who accidentally had her lower lip stuck in a music box.

The father of the girl said her lower lip was stuck between an iron axle and the plastic base of the music box while placing it close to her month.

Firefighters decided not to break the whole plastic piece by force, as it may cause secondary injury to the girl.

While the father was comforting her, a firefighter tried to use a plier to remove the axle.

After five minutes' efforts, the axle became loosen and a small piece of the plastic was broken.

The girl was finally out of danger, suffering minor injury in her lip.

Video Credit: Reuters