Gossip Columnists Spill The Celebrity Beans On Their Most Infamous Scandals

Category: Media & Culture / Dec 09, 2013 1:32PM EDT

Bound by their love of gossip and each other George Rush and Joanna Molloy have become two of the countries most loved and hated gossip columnists. Breaking news about affairs and scandals, it is easy to see why celebrities didn’t like them, but why they had such a successful column- ‘Rush and Molloy’ for 15 years.

In that time they saw the “rise of twitter” and how the game had changed. Celebrities were able to take control of how the public saw them, as they could craft their own image. But that did not stop this power duo from doing their job, and uncovering their dirty secrets.

But with the threats, bribery and guilt did the happily married couple have any professional regrets?

Molloy was quick to jump in and share the story of how her husband was sweet talked by Julia Roberts, and thus a story was not exposed. For this reason their only regret is the stories they did not get to share. They were also confident with their own integrity, assuring that it was all a part of the job, and you couldn’t take it to heart.

Their new book is a memoir of these celebrity encounters, from politicians to Hollywood veterans, as they lift the veil on celebrity gossip and the dirty under world of scandal.