Graffiti Tribute To Oscar Niemeyer Brightens Sao Paulo Skyline

Category: Media & Culture / Jan 24, 2013 12:45PM EDT
A colorful tribute to Brazil's late superstar architect Oscar Niemeyer is taking shape on the Sao Paulo skyline under the watchful eye of a renowned Brazilian graffiti artist. Eduardo Kobra, known for creating large-scale murals, is adding a splash of color to Sao Paulo's main thoroughfare with a graffiti-style portrait of Niemeyer. The massive 171 foot mural requires Kobra and three assistants to work on a scaffold suspended by steel cables. Niemeyer died in early December at the age of 104. He was world-famous for distinctive landmarks including the U.N. Secretariat in New York, the Communist Party headquarters in Paris and the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Brasilia. The work is still unfinished, but with its bright, shocking colors, it stands out among São Paulo's grey skyline.