Grandson Of British Pilot Celebrates First Flight Over Everest, 80 Years Later

Category: Society / Apr 03, 2013 3:40PM EDT
The grandson of the British chief pilot Douglas Douglas-Hamilton, who completed the first flight over Mount Everest on Wednesday (April 3) flew over the world's highest peak, 80 years after. On April 3, 1933, Douglas-Hamilton's and Flight Lieutenant David Fowler MacIntyre's small aircraft circled over Mount Everest with the hopes of producing accurate maps of the area. "It was to enhance British aviation, it was a scientific flight, they were going to take photographs of the area, decipher the summit to help with the map making, because the area was poorly understood. And other than a few birds and maybe some wild animals, no human beings have been in the area, the maps were inaccurate, so this was really a scientific expedition," Douglas-Hamilton's grandson Charles said. He added that aviation today has gone through a transformational change. "I was enjoying a cup of coffee, looking out a window in a pressurised cabin. Comparing to what was being done in 1933, there is a massive, massive difference," Douglas-Hamilton said. Local media said Douglas Hamilton wanted to retrace the exact route his grandfather took, but flight conditions proved otherwise, adding that he would like to try to fly the original route for the centenary celebrations. Video Source: Reuters