Graphic Video Shows Ahmed Jabari Still Breathing After Israel Attacks Gaza

Category: World / Nov 15, 2012 8:08PM EDT
Video obtained by Reuters Television shows Hamas's military leader Ahmed Al-Jaabari shortly after an air strike targeted and hit the car he was in. Residents arrived on the scene, inspecting the Hamas militant's body. One resident can be heard saying that he was still breathing shortly after the strike. Another man can be seen removing a pistol from Jaabari's body. More residents arrived to the scene, identifying the body. 'It is Abu Mohamad Jaabari,' a voice says. Israel killed the military commander in a missile strike on the Gaza Strip on Wednesday and launched air raids across the enclave, pushing the two sides to the brink of a new war. The attacks marked the biggest escalation between Israel and Gaza militants since a 2008-2009 conflict and came despite signs on Tuesday that neighboring Egypt had managed to broker a truce in the enclave after a five day surge of violence.