Grass Fires And Health Warnings As Britain Boils In Heat Wave

Category: World / Jul 19, 2013 2:42PM EDT

After their coldest spring in fifty years the sun has come out in full force across Britain as temperatures continue to soar in one of the worst heat waves in the past seven years. Warnings have been issued aimed at vulnerable target groups like children and the elderly.

120 Firefighters were called to east London as grass fires broke out, sending smoke into the air. London fire fighters are now on full alert as fires are a potential problem as the temperatures continue to climb. Steven Davenport reported a cooler change in some areas however, while other areas continue to burn in the heat:


"This weekend there is a little bit of a change, a little bit of a hiatus in this heat. I think some areas are going to get well into the 20s and northwest Scotland, which has been rather cloudy, drizzly and cool is going to get up to the high 20s, I think, this weekend. The eastern side of the country is going to be somewhat cooler and cloudier for a while. But then next week we are going to see the heat building again. We could be seeing temperatures in some areas as high as 32 or 33 Celsius."


Video Courtesy Of Reuters