Gunman Kills Two Terrified Shoppers Then Takes His Own Life

Category: Society / Dec 12, 2012 9:53AM EDT
A gunman opened fire inside an Oregon shopping mall Tuesday (December 11) in the middle of the busy Christmas shopping season, killing at least two people and terrorizing shoppers before he was also slain. Saregeant Adam Phillips confirmed the tragedy: "There is two confirmed deceased. This was in an open area of the mall. We have a third person who is injured and is receiving medical treatment right now. We have the shooter who died of an apparent self inflicted gun shot wound," Police said the mall had been evacuated of terrified shoppers, who were reported by local media and via Twitter to have hidden in the back rooms of shops as gunshots rang out in the mall. The identities of the dead and wounded were not immediately released. The gunman was also not identified. Police and SWAT teams established a perimeter around the scene and worked to evacuate the mall as they searched for the shooting suspect. A spokeswoman for the mall said she had no immediate information and directed calls to law enforcement authorities.