Hakken Parents In Jail After Being Charged With Kidnapping Their Children

Category: Media & Culture / Apr 11, 2013 2:59PM EDT
Joshua and Sharyn Hakken appeared in a Florida court on Thursday, accused of kidnapping their children and sailing to Cuba after they lost custody. The judge ordered the pair stay in jail over the weekend until their hearing which is scheduled for Monday, where a free public attorney will defend them in court. Last week the two parents broke into their children’s grandparents’ home, took their boys, 4 year old Cole and 2 year old Chase along with their family dog to board a sailboat to Cuba. Joshua is charged with burglary with assault, false imprisonment, child neglect, interference with child custody and kidnapping. His wife, Sharyn is charged with kidnapping, burglary with assault, child neglect and interference with custody. Video Courtesy Of Reuters