Harlem Shake On A Plane Investigated By FAA

Category: Media & Culture / Mar 01, 2013 5:55PM EDT
A sky-high video of the Internet dance craze Harlem Shake that went viral on YouTube has captured the attention of U.S. aviation officials who said on Friday (March 1) they are looking into the event over safety concerns. In the video called, "Harlem Shake Frontier Flight 157," members of the ultimate Frisbee team from Colorado College and other passengers are shown frantically dancing in the aisle and in front of seats last month on the packed Frontier Airlines flight from Colorado Springs to San Diego, California. Frontier Airlines defended its decision to allow the college students to dance on board the flight thousands of feet over the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Frontier crew members had taped their own version of the dance a few weeks earlier, though on firmer ground inside an air terminal. The college students said they had come up with the idea a few days before the flight. They had asked the flight staff for permission before beginning the dance and were shown how to use the public address system. By early Friday afternoon the video been viewed more than 732,000 times.