Helicopter Riddled By Bullets After Failed Prison Escape

Category: World / Feb 26, 2013 4:01PM EDT
Greek police on Tuesday (February 26) released video footage of a bullet-riddled helicopter involved in a dramatic attempt to free a prisoner from inside the grounds of a high security prison before it was shot down by prison guards. A chartered helicopter attempted to land in the prison compound of the Trikala Prison in the north-western city of Trikala on Sunday (February 24) in an attempt by convicted criminal to escape. According to police, the helicopter was chartered in Athens by two men. The pilot claims halfway through the flight they pulled out weapons and ordered the helicopter to fly to Trikala. Once the helicopter was hovering above the prison courtyard, a rope ladder was dropped from the helicopter, in the courtyard and the criminal made a dash for the ladder. Prison guards began to fire at the helicopter, while the two men inside returned fire with automatic guns and rifles. Hundreds of rounds of bullets are said to have been discharged. The helicopter was forced to land in the parking lot of the prison after being hit several times. Police video showed AK-47's and other automatic weapons lying on the seat of the helicopter, while the floor was scattered with bullets and shells. The helicopter was riddled with bullets, as was a guard post of the prison and a prison vehicle in the compound. The rope ladder was dangling from the helicopter while the video also shows leaked oil scattered on the ground. Police also found bags of cash in the helicopter. The two helicopter passengers and the pilot were arrested, while the co-pilot was struck in the hand by a bullet and was also taken to hospital.