Holy Snow- More Winter Brutality As New Jersey Runs Low On Salt

Category: Media & Culture / Feb 19, 2014 2:10PM EDT

The beginning of the week has been full of snow and cold weather across the northeast. While temperatures are expected to climb later in the week to the 40’s and 50’s, the snow clearing mission is hitting road blocks. Firstly New Jersey is running low on salt, saying the need 40,000 tons of it to keep the interstates open during the next snow storm.

Shortages on the salt have been felt in other places like Indiana, as people are left to use their shovels as the simple task of walking the street becomes a challenge:

"That should be their main priority. I mean look at it - it's affecting everybody. You can't even cross a crosswalk because of this weather."

The icy winds, snow, and rain have been felt across most parts of the country this winter. We have been hit by blizzards, snow storms and record lows. The US has certainly experienced one of the hardest winters to date, as we all try and remain hopeful that summer will not be far away.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters