Hong Kong Transgender Woman Wins Legal Battle For Marriage -- promo

Category: Daily Promo / May 13, 2013 9:43AM EDT


A transgender woman won her appeal in Hong Kong's highest court to marry her boyfriend on Monday (May 13), forcing the government to rewrite marriage laws in the city.
The Court of Final Appeal, with a majority decision of four to one, ruled that the appellant, identified as W, was in law entitled to be included as "a woman" and therefore was eligible to marry a man.
W's lawyer told reporters outside the court that the case was significant because it acknowledged the importance of human rights in Honk Kong. 
W, who is in her thirties, did not appear in court nor did she meet reporters in person because she did not want to be labeled as a transgender person.
Speaking to reporters over the phone, she said the judgment signifies that she is a real woman with rights that all other women share.
She said she believes her case can trigger positive changes and bring about more tolerance for transgender people in Hong Kong.
Video Source: Reuters