Hospital Overwhelmed With Requested C-Section Births on 12/12/12

Category: World / Dec 12, 2012 11:59AM EDT
For an Indonesian hospital that usually delivers on the average of five babies a day, Wednesday (December 12) is indeed an extraordinary day. Seizing the special date of 12-12-12, Indonesian parents decided to have caesarean section surgery done to delivery their babies. James Come, a 31-year-old first time dad, said he hoped the special date will bring good luck after the good start. "The date is nice. Hopefully later on her health is good, hopefully this can be a good start, and the future will be more wonderful. We have great expectations for my daughter, so hopefully she can be happy too," Comes said after checking his daughter Eleora Derikka, who is laying in an incubator. Having the surgery done was not an option for Andrew Tan and his wife, as she has complications and that was the only way to deliver their baby safely. "I'm so excited because my baby was born safely and in perfect conditions, also my wife is in the same condition. I didn't have any plans before for the birth on the date. Just two weeks ago we want to give birth the normal way, but it was impossible. So we opted for caesarean section surgery and chose the date of December 12, 2012 and I think it's very good," said Tan. The hospital confirmed that the birth rate had jumped for the day, and many are pre-requested C-section births. "So far it's been 10 babies born from the 18 births. It is indeed in terms of birth rate, yes it's increased especially for today," said one doctor, Andrew, indicating that 10 were C-section births. The special date is deemed auspicious. The next time there's the same number for the date, month and year format would be on January 1, 2101.