Hot Air Balloon Crash Survivor Is Treated In Hospital

Category: Society / Feb 26, 2013 3:29PM EDT
Britain's ambassador to Cairo, James Watt, visited survivor Michael Rennie, who was wheeled into a Cairo hospital hours after a hot air balloon exploded mid-air, killing 19 near the Egyptian town of Luxor. Rennie covered his face as paramedics rushed him into the emergency unit of the 'Nasser Institute' on Tuesday (February 26) after he was flown to Cairo from the touristic hotspot. The balloon came down in farmland a few kilometers away from the Valley of the Kings and temples that draw tourists to Luxor. Rescue workers gathered the dead from the field where the charred remains of the balloon, gas canisters and other pieces of wreckage landed. The pilot survived by jumping from the basket when it was 10-15 meters (yards) from the ground, according to accounts. Two other survivors, both British, were treated at Luxor hospital.