Human Tail Is Developed: Would You Rock The Feline Style?

Category: Technology / Aug 22, 2013 2:36PM EDT

Ever wondered what it would feel like to have a tail? Well wonder no more as the human tail is being developed by greyworld and it already has tongues wagging. The tail is controlled electronically and moves similar to that of a cat. Taking two years to design Andrew Shoben the founder of greyworld said the playful creation came with some challenges:

 "It was actually quite tough because it is not just the motion that we need, it is the sound that it makes, well, as little sound as possible. And also the fact that we need to be able to create a tail that hasn't just got very straight forward linear motion, but that can also stand up, that can tremble, that can twist and curl, and so we actually looked at the way a cat's tail, or dogs' tails are actually controlled. It has two lines of muscle that allow it to pull up and flip and twist and that are really how we based the internal mechanics of this one."

The tail will be launched on the website Kickstarter, and already there seems to be lots of interest in the quirky and playful product. The tail is 24 inches and has four modes on the remote control to show all levels of emotions.

The artists now need to raise money to make production costs as greyworld are a group of artists who create public art. But who knows where the future of the tail may end up, you may be wearing one sooner rather than later.