Hundreds of CUNY Students Protest Over Tuition Hikes

Category: Education / Nov 29, 2011 11:33AM EDT
Although the tuition hike will total 300 dollars, many students argue the amount is a lot for them. The board’s approval means undergrads will be paying about 6,300 dollars tuition a year by 2015. Last year the University’s tuition was only 4,830 dollars a year. Despite some student backlash, the university points out that two of every five CUNY undergraduates pay no tuition at all, thanks to city, State, and federal programs that cover the costs. CUNY also says the tuition increase is being wisely invested to hire more fulltime faculty and to provide more student services like counseling and advisement. Many of the students paying tuition are eligible for and receive tax credits equal to approximately half of their current tuition. With the tuition increase, that percentage would be reduced to about 38 percent by 2016.